Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Atomic & Vanderhorne Want More Masks!

"we want more masks!"

Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne have announced that they are planning more collaborative events in the foreseeable future due to the massive success of their first 'Iconography of Mask' festival.

The cry for more masks comes after an amazing response to their show last weekend.

"we put together some of the best avant garde, masked performances with an international group of incredibly diverse artists... and that was only the tip of the iceberg"

The plans to include more artists and an even wider range of works and interpretations comes as no surprise to the dynamic duo.

"once word got round about what we were planning, we had tons of response from great artists around the globe, unfortunately some of them were too late for this show, but now were working on a follow up...Bring on the masks!"

As well as focusing on taking 'Iconography of Mask' to other countries as a traveling exhibition, the two forward thinking pioneers are working on some other crazy artistic events with a clubbing twist.

"it's too early to say yet, but we've got some very cool tricks up our arty wizards sleeves!"

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

More amazing talent added to show

As the opening night looms we still have more surprises up our sleeves!

The very talented mask & doll maker Izaskun Gonzalez, aka 'Compulsive Behaviour' has a wide variety of her art masks on display and on sale.

Also added are the very lovely new works from alt designers 'Engineers of Desire'.
Cassie at 'EOD' has been working night and day to complete her latest creations.

Many thanks to the very reverend Noko 440 for the loan of three of his 'Peter Lloyd' screen prints depicting Mexican Luchadors.

Come along an encapsulate yourself in a world of masked mayhem.

Inconography of Mask festival details

Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne present 'Iconography of Mask'
A three day festival of events
Resistance Gallery.
265 Poyser St. Bethnal Green. London. E2 9RF.

Thurs 30th July.
Art Opening Exhibition: 7pm-11pm. Free (donation to IOM trust)

Friday 31st July.
Live Art, Bands, Dj's & Masked Fashion Shows: 8pm-2am. £5

Saturday 1st Aug.
Mask Making Workshops and Seminars: 2pm-7pm. £5

Saturday 1st Aug.
Hoodlovers Ball, Dj's & Performances: 10pm-late am. £10

All Events Weekender Ticket. £15

From fetish hoods to Lucha Libre masks to superheroes cowls to death masks, this three day festival of events featuring a world wide collection of over 40 new & unique art mask pieces from low & high brow luminaries such as:

Jason Atomic
Anthony Ausgang
Bonnie Baker
Daniel "The Horror" Cantrell
Fernando Carpaneda
Charles of London
Leee Black Childers
Ben Constantine
Johnny Deluxe (Yes!Future!)
Sabine Arminjon von Filth
Pam Glew
Grave Industries
Deborah Griffin
Henry Hate(Prick Tattoo)
ITEM a.k.a Adrien Koleric
Lady Love
Honey Manko
Jack Mclean
Miss Mirma
Miscellany a.k.a Tamara
Ben Newman
Sangeet Prabhaker
Riot Queer
Vlad Quigley
The Drag Fiend Crew
The Gothic Hangman
Nix Toxic
Mark Turbochainsaw
Lee Baker
Garry Vanderhorne
Jason Atomic will also be exhibiting a collection of new mask related paintings.

Supporting Acts include:
Feral(Cantankerous). Lucha Britannia. Monsterlune. Syban V Manticore. Gobsausage. Lydia Morgan. Compulsive Behavior. Hoodlovers Ball. Miss Vinci. Stuart Vern. Dee Bee. Limehouse Cutthroat. Atticus Clothing & Triibe Liquer give aways.

Saturday seminars on specialized mask areas from Atomic, Ilya, Vanderhorne, Kim Rub & more tbc.
Plus Simon Aronson's special mask making workshop.

There will be a glossy full colour catalogue/magazine designed available to order online, issue 1 will be on sale at the show and a revised edition will be prepared after the event to incorporate late entries, reviews and pictures from the opening, performances etc...

See facebook group for more details.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lee Baker mask makes pain.

This is Lee Baker's 'Pain Mask'.

"It is the perfect thing for a sado-masochistic person. It gives visual pain while the wearer receives pain."

In keeping with some of his other works which revolve around sexuality and fetish, Lee's latest piece is constructed using over a hundred real scalpel blades.

This is just one of the multitude of incredible masks which have been submitted into the exhibition.

More news to follow.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Huge buzz around mask festival

Word has it that the buzz around 'Iconography of Mask' is reaching fever pitch!

Both Atomic and Vanderhorne have been inundated with entry requests as more and more artists, designers, musicians and performers have heard about the festival and want in.

"the response has been overwhelming and this is just the tip of the iceberg!"
Said Atomic at a press meeting earlier this week.

"the mask is such an important thing, even in todays society when our everyday lives are hidden behind the mask of the internet"
Added Vanderhorne.

The amazing array and styles of masks coupled together with masked performances and masked bands are all adding up to make an amazing event.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Masked wrestling is the height of underground cool!

From Mexico to North America to Japan stopping briefly in the 80's in England, and now again in the 00's, masked wrestling is the height of underground cool!

Veteran star of 'Lucha Britannia', Shiro Yoshida, is giving a rare talk on the history of the masked wrestling art called 'lucha libre' on the Saturday of the 'Iconography of Mask' festival.
Also speaking will be Resistance Gallery owner & Lucha Britannia creator, Garry Vanderhorne.

Garry will be doubling up with Shiro to provide what will almost certainly be a passionate and insightful look into the world of masked wrestling, it's history, it's future and what it means today.

Also at times throughout the three day of events, Stars of Lucha Britannia will be giving demonstrations and available to chat with, about the dangers, high's and low's of the art of Lucha Libre wrestling.

Photography by Tom Medwell

Friday, 10 July 2009

Stars of comic book world and London fetish clubs to speak about masks & hoods

Club Rub head honcho and fetish hood & mask expert 'Kim Rub' is just one of the many stars we have lined up for the Saturday seminars.

Kim will be speaking on the Pleasures of Hooded Clubbing, and serving tea and cake in the style of Alice in Wonderland. (One lump or two!)

Kim says:
"I'll be presenting my personal journey of my love of hoods, my experiences and insightful observations, armed with a large dressing-up-box from my private hood & mask collection.
I shall be inviting people to try them on and have a snap or two taken for their own enjoyment.
I'll also be answering any questions and showing, for the first time in public, my much prized collection of antique and vintage rubber hoods which were made from old car tyres and inner tubes." (Seen above. Photo by Maria Coletsis)

Also added to our exciting roster of guest speakers is British comic book writer, artist and masked hero expert, 'ILYA'.

Utilizing his 22 year comic book industry insider knowledge, Ilya will be speaking and drawing in his own unique style about the rise of the masked vigilante, their need for secrecy, the psychology behind the heroes who wear the masks and the transformations which occur.

ILYA, is best known as the creator of 'The End of the Century Club' and has worked on or for Dark Horse, Slab-O-Concrete, Crisis and Deadline.
He also works on an animated comic strip for BBC Online, called 'Jean Genii', and was responsible for the weekly 'Dick' strip in the gay paper 'Boyz'.
He is a founder member of Detonator studios, created the 'Manga Drawing Kit' for Thunder Bay Press, and was editor of the 'Best New Manga' anthology, published by Carroll & Graf in the USA, as well as the Constable & Robinson's Mammoth line in the UK.

More news as it happens!